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Ichiruki family

When the blood war ended, Ichigo took matter to his own hands and proposed to Rukia(and he knew he had to run from the wrath of Byakuya). After that he was the best man on all of his friends weddings as Rukia was a bride maid. Rukia was the first to have a baby along with Tatsuki(even if Satomi was born two months after). It was after Rui's birth that Yamamoto informed them that not all children could be full worthy of being in the gotei 13. After Ikkis 14th birthday the contest for captain posistion will begin. Until then, Ichigo teaches them how to fight and use Kido.

Mamoru Kurosaki(17)

Mamoru is the oldest of the siblings wich gives him a head start, which he doesnt take advantage of. He was the first sibling to obtain shikai but the second to obatain bankai. He tries his hardest to own Ikki while Ikki can own him without even being around. He sometimes teaches a class from the Shino academy who needs special help. His Younger brother Ikki, thinks that Mamoru should just sing up for the group himself. He's sometimes smart but skips his home work, because he spends his time by playing guitar or watching star wars. He takes advantage of Rui alot but really cares. He is currently dating Satomi Abarai, the older sister of his little sisters best friend.

Ritsuka Kurosaki (15)

Ritsuka is the second child and the smartest as well. But she often just likes to let go and have fun. For example she has befriended every shinigasmi in Mamorus class, one of them even has a crush on her. Anytime she enters the class room(which is in the basement) she shouts "shini shini shini!" and the class answears "oi oi oi!". She's along with Nodoka Ishida ranked as the schools smartest student. While she ranked as the hottest girl in school alone. She makes a video diary for Rui so she can survive the "unique" family. She thought her that the opposit of big is small, the opposit of dark is light and the opposit of good is Ikki. She was the first child to obtain bankai but she is not alowed to reveal it to the world, in other words if she ever uses it, she'll be punished. If there is one thing she hasn't taken from Ichigo, it the image of that anyone who has feeling deserve to live. When Mamoru fell in love with A girl named Namila, it was revealed that she was somesort of non human yadda yadda yadda and some adventure and climax later Ritsuka killed her. I don't have time to tell the whole story. Now with the help of the two turtur doves Kenta and Nodoka and the slightly crazy red head Mika, she does everything to reahc her goal to become full worthy shinigami.
She's crushing on(or might be in love with)Grimmjow.

Ikki Kurosaki(11)

Ikki is the youngest son of Ichigo and Rukia. He's a big prankster, but still wise beyond his years. he is the child who had the hardest time to get used to Rui. He is the youngest shinigami ever to obtain Bankai. He respects his siter alot because she saves him when ever he gets into trouble. But even if admires her, he waits that she'll get into trouble. He tries to help Mamoru sometimes but end up screwing things up. He once brought his conscience to life by mistake. And one time he got changed iton a girl by his siblings. Which caused the drakian prince to fall in love with him. He's crushing on "Hot Reina", but there are five Reinas in his class, Hairy Reina, Wild Reina, irritating Reina, Tall Reina and the hot one. But he likes Lillynette more then Reina.

Rui Kurosaki(1)

Rui is the last(?)Kurosaki child. She can say a few words and its unknown if she has any shinigami powers. She has a special charm that makes everybody wish she was their baby or sister. Her hair is really short but as she gets older it grows longer.
Inspired by :iconkid-suicune45: There might be more babies, with all the sexual frustration that ichigo and rukia built up by the years!
Ichiruki: you are here
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dieliala Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
pretty cool haha ^^ I may do my own using HitsuHina n my own OCs :3
kid-suicune45 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012
:D Ritsuka sounds like Teddy from good luck charlie
KuboTaiko Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Student Writer
She does?:? Well i thought that one of the Kurosaki children needed to be a role model or a respectable character. Then i watched good luck charlie when i was sick and thought of Teddy as a great sister so i based Ritsuka of her.
kid-suicune45 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012
:D Its cute either way
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